The Power of Winning Relationships

  • Learn how to deal with toxic colleagues
  • Turn your adversaries into allies
  • Improve team collaboration

"Cultivate@Work shows you how to develop a long-term focus and improve working relationships with everyone from the supporter to the rival and even - especially - the adversary!"

Marshall Goldsmith - Author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Triggers.

Why Cultivate@Work?

Organizations live and die by the strength of the relationships between the people who work there. Employees may join an organization because of the brand and benefits, but they invariably choose to leave because of poor relationships.

So how do you identify and reduce these threats to success?

Cultivate@Work is a new online learning community designed to help you develop winning relationships. You will learn how to identify your Allies, Supporters, Rivals, and Adversaries so you can build more winning relationships. With articles, audio, video, webinars, and activities you can learn at your own pace wherever and whenever you want.

Who is Cultivate@Work for?

Individual professionals

Have you ever had a difficult colleague or someone who you dread talking to? Would you like to be able to turn a toxic relationship into an effective partnership? Cultivate@Work gives you the opportunity to develop the skills to create winning relationships.

HR & Team Managers

Has your team ever suffered because of a corrosive relationship? Do the individuals in the team have the skills to diagnose what's wrong and work out how to improve it? Cultivate@Work is the proven system for developing winning relationships that will give your team a competitive edge.

Executives and Owners

Social bonds are a major predictor of an organization’s success. Leaders who build a positive culture built on strong relationships increase the power of these bonds. Cultivate@Work gives you a system to develop winning relationships and create success within your organization.

Cultivate@Work Modules

The Cultivate@Work team

Morag Barett

Morag has over 25 years experience executive coaching, developing high-impact teams, and creating leadership programs. She is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and the founder of SkyeTeam.

Eric Spencer

Eric has more than eighteen years building and shaping organizations. His experience includes HR, executive and leadership development, and organizational effectiveness.

Ruby Vesely

Ruby is a highly skilled human resources and organizational development professional with more than fifteen years experience in high-tech, non-profit, and healthcare organizations.

Kelly Coyle Wyngarden

Kelly Coyle Wyngarden has been providing customized organizational development services to organizations for more than 19 years.


“How do you build effective working relationships in your organization...Morag Barrett draws on her extensive business experience to offer an insightful response to this fundamental question. Barrett helps us to identify key relationships that merit our attention the most, as well as how to work effectively with allies, rivals, and adversaries.”

Michael Roberto - Trustee Professor of Management, Bryant University

“Morag Barrett has hit a home run. She has challenged us all to embrace the most important verb in winning lasting and genuine relationships - Cultivate"

Tommy Spaulding - New York Times bestselling author of It's Not Just Who You Know

"We should never underestimate how much we depend on people to get things done in life and in business. The relationships we have and the ones we intentionally develop are often the ones that shape how we accomplish things in life. Cultivate outlines how successful people and teams can create the relationships that have the most impact in their organizations".

Michael Dunn, Global CTO, Match